Elise and Cody Said

We host a summer party every year. It was always a fun party, but the first year that we had an SBK karaoke system there it made the party so much better. After that, we always had to have an SBK system at the party. In fact, we have had an SBK system at the party for 7 years running. We love that anyone can use the system. That way we don’t feel shackled to being the DJ all night long. We also appreciate how courteous Shinji is during the set up and pick up process. He always leaves our home better than when he arrived. We have enjoyed our SBK experience so much that we have hosted additional parties some years just so we can karaoke. We have also recommended SBK to our friends and family who have rented SBK systems for both personal and corporate use. They, too, have rented SBK systems numerous times now and always speak highly of Shinji and SBK. If you want to rent a karaoke system, I wouldn’t go anywhere else! ~Elise and Cody Touchette