If You’re Underage and Love Karaoke, Come to SBK

SBK doesn’t have age limit. Anyone can come and enjoy karaoke here.

I didn’t realize how special SBK is for underage karaoke lovers until a underage customer told me, ″Thank you for being no age limit.″

We have refused to be a karaoke bar for reasons. One reason is that SBK is for everyone, from a baby to a grand parent. As the number of underage karaoke singers has increased, this reason has become more important than it used to be.

We’re proud to be no age limit.

If you need drinks when you do karaoke, please get a banquet permit and bring your favorite drinks to SBK. Bring your kids, too.

Reserve Your Karaoke Room Early for a Friday or Saturday

We strongly recommend you make your karaoke room reservation for a Friday or Saturday. And you should do earlier.

You don’t really need to make your reservation a few weeks ahead, but it is wise to contact us a few days before the day you plan to visit SBK. Just send us some information about your party from here. Then we’ll call you to finalize your reservation.

It doesn’t cost you anything to make a reservation. We’ll ask your credit card number and charge you $30.00 cancelling fee only if you cancel your reservation after seven days prior to your reservation date.

If you come up an idea of doing some karaoke with your friends on a Friday or Saturday night, please call us at 206-343-6599 before you come to SBK if you don’t have a reservation.

For Sunday through Thursday, on the other hand, you can usually walk in. However, please call us if you want to be sure to get a karaoke room.

Spring Day in February

I wrote about the end of last summer on 9/24/2011. I thought we wouldn’t get a day like that until May. I was wrong. It was sunny, clear and warm at 60 degrees today.

So my car’s windows were all the way down when I crossed the I-90 bridge this afternoon. The wind felt good like in May.

I think we didn’t hit 60 until May last year. Let’s enjoy the sun while we can. They say the weather will go back to dark and wet by Wednesday.