If You’re Underage and Love Karaoke, Come to SBK

SBK doesn’t have age limit. Anyone can come and enjoy karaoke here.

I didn’t realize how special SBK is for underage karaoke lovers until a underage customer told me, ″Thank you for being no age limit.″

We have refused to be a karaoke bar for reasons. One reason is that SBK is for everyone, from a baby to a grand parent. As the number of underage karaoke singers has increased, this reason has become more important than it used to be.

We’re proud to be no age limit.

If you need drinks when you do karaoke, please get a banquet permit and bring your favorite drinks to SBK. Bring your kids, too.

Reserve Your Karaoke Room Early for a Friday or Saturday

We strongly recommend you make your karaoke room reservation for a Friday or Saturday. And you should do earlier.

You don’t really need to make your reservation a few weeks ahead, but it is wise to contact us a few days before the day you plan to visit SBK. Just send us some information about your party from here. Then we’ll call you to finalize your reservation.

It doesn’t cost you anything to make a reservation. We’ll ask your credit card number and charge you $30.00 cancelling fee only if you cancel your reservation after seven days prior to your reservation date.

If you come up an idea of doing some karaoke with your friends on a Friday or Saturday night, please call us at 206-343-6599 before you come to SBK if you don’t have a reservation.

For Sunday through Thursday, on the other hand, you can usually walk in. However, please call us if you want to be sure to get a karaoke room.

Indian Songs Sound Great

A large group of people from India is having a birthday party now at SBK. The party includes several young kids. They are naturally singing Indian songs, which sound wonderful and foreign to me.

I’m used to feel the heavy drum and base beat of Western pop music here at SBK. I can’t really hear what they are singing because I’m outside the room, but I can hear exotic rhythms and scales mixed with American sound coming from other rooms.

Normally, I block all the sound coming out of the karaoke rooms because I’d be very tired otherwise at the end of a night. Tonight I don’t mind its coming into my ears.

Indian karaoke singers are welcome at SBK. You can sing Indian songs from “the world largest collection of Indian Karaoke Music” through Meragana.com. You need your own membership for the web site, which is only $4.95 a month.

SBK Wants Your Ideas

Your ideas are welcome. Please help me. Customers, caterers, owners of venues, or anyone can help me. Just write your comment here or email me.

We have private karaoke rooms and portable karaoke systems to deliver. We have had only two ways to offer karaoke to you: inviting you to our karaoke rooms and delivering our karaoke systems to your locations. We haven’t helped you enough to enjoy karaoke.

We’d like to offer you more ways of enjoying karaoke or incorporating karaoke in your special events.

So far, you have had to bring your own food and drinks to our karaoke rooms. That’s fine for some occasions and is very economical. But what if you can just order food and drinks for your party at our karaoke rooms through great catering services around Seattle? You could save a lot of your time in planning your party. You are assured you’ll get great food and drinks.

We have delivered our karaoke systems to many great venues, which our customers had picked. We’d like to offer you a variety of packages combining great venues, catering, our karaoke systems and other services. So you don’t have to think too much about your next party.

Kids Love Karaoke

We’ve delivered our karaoke systems to many birthday parties for kids. They love karaoke as much as, if not more than, grownups do. And I know they are looking for a place where they can enjoy karaoke other than their home.

Come to SBK. We don’t have age limit. Because we just have private karaoke rooms, kids don’t have to mixed with drunken grownups.

If they want to enjoy karaoke during the daytime, contact us. We’ll open our door for them with a prepayment.

In fact, a seventeen-year-old birthday girl had a great time with her friends at SBK this evening.

Musical Instrument Practice Rooms

Our karaoke rooms can be used as your private musical instrument practice room.

An ensemble can practice here, too.

$5.00 per hour per person or $20.00 per hour for 4 or more people in one room. The maximum number of people in one room is ten.

We are conveniently located in downtown Seattle (1818 Minor Ave, Seattle WA 98101).

Although normally we open at 7:00 pm everyday, you can practice any other time if you arrange your reservation beforehand. Please contact us for more information.

“Fish Scale” Clouds–the End of Summer

You don’t feel autumn very often in Seattle when it is warm and dry. It was muggy again today. It’s been this way all week; the dew point has been over 60 degrees most of the time.

But I felt autumn today while I was driving on freeway. It has been forecasted that the normal wet fall season will begin tomorrow. I decided to leave the windows down all the way because I may not be able to do this without getting wet or feeling cold until May 2012. It felt good.

Then I saw cirrocumulus clouds through the windshield. They are called “fish scale” clouds in Japan. The Japanese think about autumn when they see it at the end of summer.

The air coming into my car was warm and humid for Seattle (actually I felt a little chilly after 10 minutes), but I found pieces of autumn in the sky.

I took this photograph through the windshield with my cheap telephone. Since I was on my way for a karaoke system delivery, this post qualifies in the karaoke section, I guess.

No Deficit Wedding

In this economy, budgetary moderation is virtue for anything including wedding. We have helped many people celebrating their marriages in sensible ways by providing a great sound system for music and talking in addition to karaoke at wedding receptions.

Each of our karaoke packages comes with a great sound system. Our largest package can handle a party of several hundred people. If you need more power, we can add more powered speakers.

If you try to rent a sound system equivalent to our system, you will need to pay much more than for our karaoke package. And of course, you won’t get a karaoke system including more than 11,400 songs.

In fact, even if you don’t use the karaoke system, it makes sense to rent our karaoke package for your wedding. And we deliver, set up and pick it up for you.

Is there any reason why you shouldn’t consider our karaoke system for your wedding reception or any other party?

The Reason Why I Refused Movie “Titanic”

Near, far, wherever you are—you sang, “My Heart Will Go On.”

What was the most popular karaoke song? In 1998, and possibly in 1999, I had to test my nerve and patience every night listing to the theme song of “Titanic” the movie more than ten times at least at SBK. I often heard two rooms singing the song at the same time.

I can’t stand the voice of Celine Dion. I don’t like the way she sings although I don’t dislike her. How can I dislike her? I don’t know her. I try not to listen to and watch her. I can’t know her. Her voice and way of singing just makes me feel ill. It’s all about me. Nothing to do with her, but I can’t help.

Back to 1998, whenever one person began singing this song in a karaoke room, everyone in the room immediately joined the singer. I could hear everyone in the room singing his or her heart out. Each room had only two microphones, but it didn’t matter. The voices of those who were not using the microphones were louder than the voices through the microphones.

The room was rocking. Then another room began to sing the same song. Then other rooms started rocking.

My nightmare began. Every night. It lasted all night.

Of course, no Celine in any of the karaoke rooms. But it was worse. All of them tried to sing like Celine although no one could sing like her; after all, it’s one big reason why you do karaoke. Celine is a great singer, I have to admit. And I still don’t like her singing. Can you imagine how I felt listening to ten bad (sorry) singers trying to sound like Celine at the same time? And they were very loud.

This routine lasted at least one year. After singing “My Heart Will Go On,” customers often tried to get my agreement on how good the movie was. It must be better than listening to the song ten times, I always thought.

A positive outcome came out of this experience. I mastered the art of how to block the sound out of my mind.

Now I don’t hear you singing near, far, wherever you are.