Karaoke System Rental and Delivery

Private Karaoke Rooms

Vaccination Is Required to Enter SBK

If you are 12 years old or older, you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter SBK.

SBK Accepts up to 20 People in a Karaoke Room

SBK now allows in a karaoke room up to 20 people who are not currently infected by SARS-CoV-2, the virus causes COVID-19, and do not have symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Karaoke Is Safe at SBK

It is safe to enjoy karaoke at SBK if no one in your party carries corona virus. Every group of customers occupies their own karaoke room at SBK.

We sanitize the equipment, furniture and karaoke room every time a group of guests leaves the room. Each karaoke room has an air purifier and a fan as well as a ceiling fan. We ventilate the air inside our store as much as possible. Hand sanitizer is readily available.

Facial covering is required to enter SBK. You do not need to wear masks in your karaoke room if everyone in your karaoke room is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

It is customers’ responsibility to make sure that no one in their group is currently infected by SARS-CoV-2, the virus causes COVID-19, and has symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

We Deliver Karaoke System to Your Home

Let us deliver a complete karaoke system to your party location.

We bring our complete karaoke system with a professional sound system to your party location. We set it up and teach you how to use it. Then we pick it up after the party.

You Don't Need a DJ to Run Your Karaoke Party with Our System

We don't provide a DJ service when we deliver our karaoke system. In most cases, you don't need a professional DJ to run your karaoke party with our karaoke system.

We use only professional sound equipment, and our sound system naturally sounds great. You should also use it for the PA system for your party. For example, many of our customers have used our karaoke system for not only karaoke but also announcement and playing music in their wedding parties.

You can save hundreds of dollars by not hiring a DJ and/or renting an additional sound system.

20000 English and 12000 Japanese Songs As Well As Latin and Indonesian Songs

In addition to our extensive English and Japanese song collection--we have more than hundreds of Latin songs as well as some old Indonesian song.

Indian Songs Using Meragana.com

Please sign up at Meragana.com before you come to SBK if you want to sing Indian songs. Subscription is only $4.95 per month. With your own subscription, you can sing an unlimited number of Indian songs at home as well as at SBK.

You will play Indian karaoke songs using Meragana.com at SBK. You can use both our karaoke system and Meragana.com simultaneously.

Other Foreign Language Karaoke Songs

Our karaoke system at SBK is connected to the Internet. If you know where to find your favorite foreign karaoke songs on the Internet, you can sing them at SBK. It's simple and easy.