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SBK1 and SBK2

We began to operate its private karaoke party rooms in 1994. Our first store was in International District. It didn't take us much time to find out how much people love to sing even though they may not aware of it.

Once our customers somehow found SBK, many of them have always come back to SBK. We're not just talking about good singers but those of us who can't sing. Most of us can't sing—you know, we know and everyone knows—but we love to sing. That's why the music industry is huge.

We opened our second store at the current location in late 1996. The original store was called SBK1, and the second store was called SBK2 affectionately by our customers.

Most of us like to sing alone in shower or in a car, but not in front of many people whom you have no idea of. Why? Because singing is fun, especially when we are singing along a song with a great sound system. Isn't it the reason why we spend a considerable sum of money on a car stereo system?

That was the idea we had when we started SBK. We have had a great sound system and a great collection of songs in each of our karaoke rooms. Our customers, thankfully, bother to visit us to have a good time singing like a star with loud and clear background music.

Karaoke System Delivery

In 2001, we thought, why don't we also bring SBK to our customers? If they like it at our place, they must like it at their place. We imported BMB® VI-A 450 auto-changing karaoke CD players from Japan and put together a professional sounding portable karaoke system.

And we were right. Karaoke system delivery was an instant hit.

Now we have replaced the CD based system with new hard disk drive based system. Our customers have found the new system easier to use and love it even more than our venerable CD based system.

End of SBK1

The burst of the dot com bubble hit the youngest of the labor force the hardest. Many of SBK fans until the beginning of the 21st century were among this group. Not long after the turn of the century, we closed SBK1.

Some old customers continued to call our current store SBK2 even though we have had only one store for a long time.

There has been a problem regarding the location of SBK1. About one year after we closed SBK1, a new karaoke place opened at the same location as SBK had occupied. Many people continued to think the new store was SBK1 or a part of our business.

To make things worse, some internet directories continued to list SBK as if we had continued to operate SBK1 at the old location almost until 2011 despite our efforts to correct their listings. Hopefully, every directory knows we have only one store by now.

If you see, a wrong listing regarding SBK1, whose old address was 601 S King St, please let us know.


Our Mission

We want everyone to be happy doing karaoke.

We have never sold food or alcoholic drinks at SBK. If you need food and/or alcoholic drinks, please bring them to SBK. Because we don't serve alcoholic drinks, anyone can come to SBK. We don't have age limit. Kids love karaoke, but there aren't many places where they can do karaoke.

If you want to do karaoke at your place, we'll be there with our complete karaoke system. We let you use our karaoke system by yourself. It's simple and easy. Just enjoy karaoke.

We'll bring karaoke to your party, or you'll bring your party to SBK.

Happy singing.