Song Lists

Over 16000 English Songs, More Than 500 Latin Songs and More Than 12000 Japanese Songs

English, Latin and Japanese song lists are available for viewing in your web browser or downloading. The song lists are in PDF. You need a PDF file reader, such as Adobe® Reader®.

Download the Song Lists to Your Mobile Device

We don't print out our song lists for either our private karaoke rooms or rental karaoke systems because you don't need them to run our karaoke system. However, if you want to have your own personal song lists, we suggest you download our song lists to your mobile devices such as a smart phone, tablet or notebook computer. In order to download the song lists, please click the buttons on the left in your web browser and follow the instruction shown by the web browser.

Request Songs

If you don't see your favorite songs in our song lists, please request them by emailing us.

Indian Songs

Please go to to see "The World largest collection of Indian Karaoke Songs".

Please sign up at before you come to SBK if you want to sing Indian songs. Subscription is only $4.95 per month. With your own subscription, you can sing an unlimited number of Indian songs at home as well as at SBK.

You will play Indian karaoke songs using at SBK. You can use both our karaoke system and simultaneously.