We Bring Our Karaoke System to Your Party

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Find a Place to Party

Your home or office is the most likely place where we deliver our karaoke system. If you want to have a karaoke party somewhere else, please see the list of some of the places where we have delivered. It should give you some ideas.

Which Karaoke Package?

In your home or office, you usually have a TV or computer monitor. If that's the case, Package 1 is your choice for a small party of up to 50 people.

If you have a stage or if the singers can't see your TV or computer monitor, you'll need Package 2. Package 2 come with a monitor for the singer on its stand.

Package 3 is for a larger party. You get two professional powered speakers while you get one professional powered speaker with Package 1 or 2. Package 3 is very powerful. You can do a party in a high school gym with Package 3.

Package 4 is essentially the same as Package 3 for the audience. However, the singers will have much better experience with Package 4 because it comes with an additional powered speaker for the stage monitor. The singers can hear themselves very well with the stage monitor.

If the venue you choose has its own sound system, we can usually utilize it. We'll connect our mixer output to their sound system. In such a case, Package 2 is often used unless you provide a monitor for the singers.

Please see the Packages page for more information.

Reserve Your Karaoke System Delivery

Please use the Delivery Reservation Form to start your reservation process.

If you have any questions about karaoke system delivery, please contact us.

Download the Song Lists

Although you don't need the song lists to run our karaoke system, you may want to download our song lists on to your mobile device. Then you can think about the songs you might want to sing in the party.

Delivery and Set Up

We'd like to arrive at your party location at least one hour before your party begins to set up the system. When we finish setting it up, we'll teach you how to use it. Most people get it within a few minutes. Then we'll ask you to sign the credit card slip and delivery agreement, which we prepare for you based on the information you give us on the Delivery Reservation Form.

If You Have a Problem

You can call us any time during your party for any reason. The telephone number will be given to you.

Pick Up

We'll pick up the karaoke system usually on the following day. If the system needs to be picked up right after the party, we'll do so.